What Is A Bunion?

A bunion is a painful swelling of the soft tissue, and bone enlargement over the inside of the ball of the big toe. Often the big toe will look as if it is bent in towards the other toes or even can lie across them.


Painful Bunion
Painful Bunion


Bunion taping technique

Symptoms Include:

  • Pain in and around the ball of the big toe. This can be from the bone rubbing too much on the shoes.

  • You may be unable to wear certain types of shoes.

  • The big toe appears to be bent inwards.

  • This is more due to the 1st metatarsal migrating outwards as shown in the image opposite.

  • Other causes of 1st mtp joint pain can include turf toe and gout.




What Causes Bunions?

Biomechanical factors can contribute to the development of bunions for example if you pronate excessively.
Wearing high heeled shoes reguarly increases the risk of developing bunions.
Age increases the likelihood of developing bunions as the ligaments loose strength with age.



What can the athlete do?

Separate the big toe and the next one with a 1 cm thick piece of foam, or try a bunion splint
Shield the bunions by cutting a hole for it in a piece of padding.
See a sports injury specialist or podiatrist and have orthotic devices made.


What can a specialist do?

A podiatrist is a therapist who specialises in feet. They can make orthotic devices for your feet and in bad cases can refer you for an operation on the bunions.
Bunion surgery to realign the joint is a last resort.


Most Likely

  1. Bunion

  2. Gout

  3. Hallux limitus

  4. Hallux rigidus

  5. Pseudogout

  6. Sesamoiditis

  7. Turf toe

  8. Broken Toe

  9. Swollen Toe

  10. Abductor Hallucis Strain

  11. Dislocated Toe

  12. Hallux Varus

  13. Flexor Hallucis Tendinitis

  14. Foot Arthritis