Dislocated Toe

Dislocated Toe
Dislocated Toe

Dislocated toes are common among athletes, and they occur due to a direct trauma to the toe or because of an extreme sprain to the toe ligament.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Immediate, intense pain.

  • Extreme pain when attempting to flex the toe.

  • Visible deformity may be present (but is not always).

    Difficulty walking.

  • Swelling, bruising, tenderness or numbness.

  • Some people are more prone to dislocations due to lax ligaments or malformed joint sockets.

  • Dislocated toes are very painful, and you should seek medical assistance immediately.

  • Never attempt to reduce (pop back in) your toe yourself.

Treatment for a Dislocated Toe

  • Apply the principles of R.I.C.E.(rest, ice, compression, elevation) until medical attention can be sought.

  • Try to see a doctor within 6 hours to ensure proper healing. The doctor will manipulate the toe back into place, and may buddy-strap the toe (to the one next to it) to ensure that it heals correctly.

  • An X-ray may be taken before treating the dislocation to ensure there are no other complications.

  • After the reduction (manipulation to put the joint back in place), a period of care should take place which might include strapping, ice and heat, whirlpool treatments, and strengthening exercises.