Foot Skin Disorders

Foot Skin Disorders

Foot Skin Disorders – Follow our complete guide for handling anything from hard skin to itchy to any kinds of bumps that may appear. Get Started NOW!

Foot Fungus(Athlete’s Foot) is the #1 cause of dry, itchy and flaky feet.


Skin Problems:

Most Likely:

If you have dry itchy skin on the bottom of your foot, think about foot fungus.




Bumps, lumps and Nodules:

Most Likely:

  1. Foot Corns.

  2. Callus Foot Pain.

  3. Foot Blister.

  4. Foot Warts .

  5. Hard Nodule In Arch.

  6. Psoriasis Around Toenails.

  7. Ganglionic cyst – A Soft Bump.

  8. Lipoma- A Soft Bump.

  9. Toe Osteochondroma.

  10. Throbbing Red Big Toe (Gout).



Foot Skin Disorders