Sharp and Shooting Pain in the Little Toe

Sharp and Shooting Pain in the Little Toe


Sharp and shooting pain in the little toe is usually the result of nerve irritation in that area. this differs from muscle and joint pain which is usually aching, pulsating and throbbing. Luckily for you the causes are usually the same in both, these pains usually develop as a result of compression or entrapment of the little nerves in the skin due to shoe tightness or pressure.


Sharp and Shooting Pain in the Little Toe

 Causes of Sharp and Shooting Pain in the Little Toe:

  • Tight shoes.
  • Foot swelling in shoes.
  • Poor biomechanics.
  • Tight Calves.
  • Obesity.
  • Lack of stretching.
  • No over the counter orthotics to help biomechanics.

Symptoms of Pinky Toe Nerve Pain:

  • Numbness.
  • Burning.
  • Tingling.
  • These usually mean nerve irritation.
  • Sharp and shooting pain rather than aching or numb.
  • Aching or numb usually means non=nerve pain.


What is causing this Sharp and Shooting Pain?

This pain is caused by nerve compression and entrapment. In your little toe you have the distal extensions of the sural nerve on the outside of the toe which is very prone to being compressed by the outside edge of your shoe; this nerve compression is called neuropraxia. This leads to irritation of the nerve and swelling around that area, as the swelling starts to get worse the nerve pain continues to get even worse.

 Bone on the Outside of the Foot Sticks Out

Treatment of Sharp and Shooting Pain in the Little Toe

The best way to take care of this problem is by first decreasing the inflammation in this area and prevent the irritation on the nerve. You must ice the area and take some anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen as directed by your podiatrist or pharmacist until this condition starts to get better.

Important: It takes the nerve at least 10-20 days for the nerve injury (neuropraxia) to start getting better.


How to Keep the Pain Away?

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Most Common Other Causes of Pain on the Outside of the Foot:

Skin Problems:

Calluses are thick patches of skin that appear in sites of friction against the shoe, the floor or any other part of the foot. The danger is a blister can form underneath the callus!

A corn looks like a little pebble that can form, they usually even occur with a callus around them. This can be exceptionally painful.

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Bone and Joint Problems:

This is when you toe looks really big and as if though its popping out at the base.

This is when you have a crooked or curved toe.


5th Metatarsal Pain:


Muscle & Tendon Pain:


Pain in the Small Toes:

Most Likely

Ball of the foot:

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