Stone Bruise

Stone Bruise: A deep bruise that can feel like you are walking on a small pebble!. This pain needs a few days to get better!

What Is  A Stone Bruise?

Heel Stone Bruise
A Heel Stone Bruise is usually due to a deep contusion in the center of the heel. This is famously named after stepping on a stone!
  • A stone bruise is a nickname for a deep bruise to the heel that extends into the fat pad.
  • This can be caused in the heel most commonly.
  • It can also occur in the ball of the foot(front of the foot).
  • It can feel like you are walking on a pebble or small rock all day long!
  • The good news is while they are bad early, they get better very fast.


Stone Bruise on Heel
A stone bruise of the heel can penetrate through the heel’s fat pad. This can cause deep pain in your heel. But don’t worry, it gets better very quickly.


Stone Bruise on Heel:

  • The heel bone is the most common region of a stone bruise.
  • This is because when running or falling, all your body weight is on your heel.
  • You have a small fat pad to protect your heel, but sometimes it must cushion >200lbs or more of force.
  • As you get older, you may lose some of your fat pad.
  • This makes you more susceptible to stone bruises.


Stone Bruise on Heel
The heel usually absorbs most of your body’s weight. It has a very thin fat pad that sometimes is not enough to cushion all the force. This is possible in both falls & even standing on your feet all day.

Stone Bruise On Ball Of Foot:

  • The ball of the foot is the second most common region of a stone bruise.
  • There is a much thinner fat pad in the ball of your foot.
  • But when running your can put all the weight of your forefoot.
  • This translates into all of your body weight on an area with almost no protection.
  • As you get older, you may lose some of your fat pad.
  • This makes you more susceptible to stone bruises.


Stone Bruise On Ball Of Foot
The ball of your foot is even less well cushioned than your heel, this can lead to deep contusions as well. But it gets better in a couple days!


Stone Bruise Recovery Time:

  • The good news is that a stone bruise only takes a couple days to get better!
  • Just think of it as a bruised that is deep below the skin.
  • It starts out very painful but gets better in a hurry.


Stone Bruise Treatment
Rest, ice, elevation and anti-inflammatory medication is the only thing that will help you early on. But get new or better cushioned shoes for the future!


Stone Bruise Treatment:

  • Treatment consists or rest, ice & elevation.
  • There is no secret to a bone bruise, it will get better very quickly.
  • It is also possible to take anti-inflammatories, but the pain will likely be better by the time they take effect.
  • If the pain is consistent, consider fat pad atrophy.
  • To treat fat pad atrophy, consider cushioned gel shoes & especially getting new shoes.


Stone Bruise Treatment
Get a good cushioned shoe for the future. Remember shoes only have a life-span of 300 miles or about 3-6 months in a normal active life.